About us

SIA KH Select is an international company, registered in Latvia, and we have been doing business since 2004.

KH Select is engaged in fish processing, and we have specialized in processing and smoking salmon, trout and halibut for more than 10 years. We offer our products in various forms, such as hot and cold smoked, and marinated.

In 2014 we were able to attract additional investments from our main shareholder, Hova Fine Foods, by practicing a transparent management principle. Thanks to this investment KH Select was able to expand its activities and achieve rapid growth. Among other things we built a new fish processing plant in Ādaži district.

Approximately 98% of the produced fish products are exported to other European countries, mainly Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain.


Business principles

The operation of KH Select is based on processing various aqua cultural products mainly for cold smoking. This is done in strict accordance with official law requirements of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union as well as in close cooperation with our clients in order to meet needs of our clients within the regulatory limits set by the various authorities.

In order to ensure a continuous growth we constantly seek to implant processing technologies.

One of the strategic priorities of KH Select is a constant enlargement of our product vauge by internal product development, actively reacting to market changes and market requests in order to be able to support our clients in the best possible way and to give them the best possible conditions to meet market demands.